Death in Retirement

If you die after starting to take your pension...

As a member of the Scheme already drawing your pension, your Dependants would receive the following benefits:

  • Five-year pension guarantee

This means that, if you die within five years of your retirement date, the balance of the pension instalments due for the remainder of the five year period less any pension that may be payable, This is subject to legal restrictions.

  • Spouse's or Civil partner's pension

Your surviving Spouse or Civil partner will normally receive an annual pension equivalent to 2/3rds of the pension in payment at the time of your death. This would include any increases to your pension in payment to the date of your death, but ignore any reduction made in exchange for a Cash Lump Sum.

In all cases, you must check the specific details of your benefits with the Pensions Administration Team. The rules that apply to you may differ from other members because of the date you left the Scheme or your individual circumstances.