Explore your options

The Retirement Options tool is designed for members who are ready to retire. It will help you explore some of your retirement options based on your Scheme benefits and transfer value.

In order to use the tool, you'll need to input some information about your pension, which you can find with your Retirement quote.  

As well as the information on this website, there is a wealth of additional tools and information available on the internet from reputable Government backed sources.

Using the DB Retirement Options tool

This video shows you how the Retirement Options tool works. Snippets of it are included throughout the tool itself as well:

Additional support or information is included on the tool if you select the (i) symbols:

The tool also uses pop-ups, like when you print out your comparison results, so you'll need to enable them.

Before you use the Retirement Options tool

Please note that:

  • The tool assumes you are ready to take your benefits now and choose from your available retirement options.
  • The tool can only give you a rough guide – it's based on the information that you input and options you choose, so you shouldn't rely on it alone to make any decision.
  • The tool assumes you're in good health – your Retirement Quote should give you more information on the options available to you in the Schemes if you're retiring under ill health.
  • The tool is not financial advice – so you should take suitable guidance and/or advice from an FCA-Registered Financial Adviser before making any decision.
  • The tool does not take into account the impact of any tax, in particular, income tax and the Lifetime Allowance.
  • The tool assumes you take a steady income if you have transferred your savings to a drawdown arrangement until the age shown.
  • The tool is provided by Willis Towers Watson – who can change or stop it at any time with no liability to you. For your security, once you close the tool, the information you provide will not be stored. The tool uses current annuity rates provided by HUB Financial Solutions.

I've read and understood the above – take me to the tool