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State Pension Deduction

If you joined the Scheme after September 1969, the Scheme’s State Pension Deduction takes into account your basic State Pension.

The calculation, generally, is based on pensionable service up to July 1998 and the basic State Pension for a single person. If you reach State Pension Age after 6th April 2016, the current value of the basic State Pension which is paid to people who reached State Pension Age pre 6th April 2016 will be used in the calculation.

The deduction is, normally, the smaller of 1/80 of basic State Pension of pensionable service before July 1998 and 20% of your Scheme pension which accrued before July 1998.

The deduction applies immediately if you take your pension on or after your State Pension Age.

If your pension started prior to your State Pension Age, then a temporary pension equal to the deduction calculated at that date is paid until you reach your State Pension Age.

At State Pension Age, the temporary pension ceases and the State Pension Deduction will be recalculated using the current basic State Pension and your pension will be reduced by this amount.

This leaflet explains how the State Pension Deduction works.

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