Transfers Out another registered pension arrangement

You can transfer your benefits to another registered pension arrangement as long as you have the approval of the receiving scheme and pass certain statutory validation checks that we need to undertake.

The value of your transfer will be the cash equivalent value of your Deferred pension. That means the cash value of your benefits at the date of the quotation, taking into account guaranteed future pension increases.

The basis of this calculation is reviewed and agreed by the Trustee in line with actuarial guidance and legislation.

You can request a transfer value once a year, and the value is guaranteed for three months from date of quotation. Any additional transfer requests may be subject to a charge.

If you are considering transferring your pension benefits we would strongly recommend you seek independent financial advice; indeed if your transfer value exceeds £30,000 you will be required to take financial advice if you wish to transfer to a Defined Contribution Scheme.