You will be entitled to your deferred pension at your Normal Pension Date and the Pensions Administration Team will issue you a quotation automatically if you have not been in contact with them.

The quotation will explain when the pension is payable, quote any lump sum option, confirm the basis for increases and other useful information.

Please note that if you are a former member of the Bradford Scheme, or an ex Phoenix or Health First member and commenced service before 31st May 1985 (or 30th April 1988 for Health First), a State Pension Offset will be deducted from your pension from your State Pension Age.

There are circumstances where, due to the size of the pension, that you may be offered a once-off cash sum in lieu of your pension. This cash sum will be subject to tax. The Pension Administration Team will provide details when they quote benefits to you if this applies.

It may also be possible that you can arrange to provide additional pension for a dependant in the event of your death by giving up part of your own pension.