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Watch out for the cliff edge

Changes to the rules for retiring early

September 2023

October 2023 pension increases

Confirmation of the increase level for this year.

September 2023

Living with high inflation

What support is available?

August 2023

from phising to vishing image intro news

From phishing to vishing

Ways to spot (and stop) a scammer from stealing your money.

August 2023

spring budget intro news

Lifting the limits

The Spring Budget gives pension savers more space to save.

April 2023

welcome chair 2023

A message from Eileen Haughey

2022 has been a busy year for the UKRF.

February 2023

A lot can happen in three years

How has our financial picture changed? Read our 2022 Summary Funding Statement to find out.

February 2023

Checks and balances

Here's our financial story for the year to
30 September 2022.

February 2023

Responsible Investing is here to stay

Our newest section has all the news.

February 2023

Welcome aboard

Meet the new UKRF Chair and member-nominated director.

February 2023

Market volatility and your UKRF benefits

How have your UKRF benefits been affected and what, if anything, should you do now?

February 2023

Changes to the Trustee Board

Read about the new Chair and your new member nominated director.

January 2023

Longevity insurance transaction

The Trustee of the UKRF has completed a £7bn longevity insurance transaction.

December 2022

Open all hours

We’ve made managing your pension as convenient as possible. Here are 5 things you can do or get help with online.

November 2022

Working out your pension increase

How your pension increases in payment.

August 2022

Other top stories

We’ve got news for you

We know that some of you may have questions about GMP equalisation, so here is a summary of our progress.

February 2022

Does your pension have a best-before date?

Why you might not want to delay claiming your UKRF DB pension.

February 2022

It could happen to anyone

Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from scams.

February 2022

We’re turning words into action

Investing responsibly is important to all of us; and here’s what we’ve been doing lately.

February 2022

What happens when a UKRF member dies?

There is support available.

February 2022

Committed to Net Zero

The Trustee of the UKRF sets out its Net Zero ambition.

October 2021

Thinking of retiring early?

If so, here’s a change you should know about.

February 2021

What is an actuarial valuation?

How do we know if the Fund has enough money to pay your pension?

February 2021

Climate change is real

Here’s how we’re using our investments to do something about it.

February 2021

Longevity swap

The Trustee of the UKRF has completed a £5bn longevity swap.

December 2020