Find out how GMP equalisation works for different UKRF pensioners.

Meet our members

We’ve looked at typical members and explain if they’ve been included in the review and whether they are affected.

Receiving a pension with a GMP


Aneesha joined the 1964 Pension Scheme in June 1988 when she was 38. She’s now 71 and receiving her pension.

She built up GMP between June 1988 and April 1997, so her benefits have been reviewed.


Aneesha was affected, so we increased her pension to allow for the effect of unequal GMPs. Aneesha also received a one-off additional payment to cover past years’ underpayment.

Aneesha looked into whether she could claim back some of the tax she paid on the additional payment. See the tax information.

We will check that we are treating benefits equally for men and women when working out pension increases in future.

Not yet retired, but has a GMP


Maria joined the Mercantile Plan in 1995 when she was 25 so she built up a GMP between 1995 and 1997.

She is now age 51 and still works at Barclays.

May be affected

We’ll review her pension when she starts to draw her pension, or if she transfers out before then.

So she may be affected in future.

Does not have a GMP


John joined the 1964 Pension Scheme in June 1997 when he was 40. He’s now receiving his pension. GMPs stopped building up after 6 April 1997 so John doesn’t have a GMP.

Not affected

John is not affected and so we didn't include him in the review.

Transferred the Barclays pension


David joined the 1964 Pension Scheme in 1990 and left in 1995 when he left Barclays’ employment.

David transferred his benefits to his new employer’s pension scheme. He then started drawing his pension in 2015.

His pension includes GMP built up while working for Barclays between 1990 and 1995.

May be affected

We’re working through the implications of the High Court judgment in November 2020 on how to treat transferred benefits as part of our GMP review. David will be considered as part of this process.

Has a GMP underpin in the Capel Cure Scheme


Jamil joined the Capel Cure Scheme in January 1990 and worked at Barclays until he retired in 2010.

Jamil’s scheme is a money purchase arrangement and the scheme provided a GMP underpin, or guarantee. He has a GMP built up between 1990 and 1997.

May be affected

Jamil will be included in the review. The timing for our review is to be agreed.

Is a member of Afterwork


Hannah joined Afterwork in June 2005.

Afterwork is not included in the GMP review as GMPs did not build up during her membership of the scheme.

Not affected

We didn’t include Hannah in the review as she is not affected.

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