There are important things you need to do every now and then to stay on top of your UKRF pension admin. But we get it; life is busy. That’s why we’ve made managing your pension as convenient as possible. Here are 5 things you can do or get help with online.

1. Moved house?

Important: We do not share data with the bank

If you’re a Barclays customer, remember to tell them about any changes to your details.

Congratulations! Remember to tell us your new address so you don’t miss out on anything important. If you no longer work for Barclays, you can check (and update) your home address details in . If you still work for Barclays, you need to update your personal details via My Rewards.

While you’re there... why not make sure your other personal details are right too, like your email address, mobile telephone number and even your surname? Being able to stay in touch helps us pay your benefits at the right time and avoid any payment delays. Plus, if you’re a deferred member we’ll need to check your contact details (among other things) if you request information through the Pensions Dashboard when this is live.

2. Logging in to your pension account

To protect your information, you need to change your password every three months. We know this can be frustrating and can make it harder to remember, but there are ways to make this easier:

  • Set up a ‘memorable word’. click on ‘Settings’, then ‘Change Security Information’ (in the top right-hand corner of the Welcome screen) and follow the instructions. Then, if you forget your password in future you can use our ‘User ID reminder’ or ‘Reset your Password’ services.
  • Use the Account Recovery Service if you have forgotten your login details, to reset your password, or if you have never logged in before. Click the button to get started. Note: You’ll need to provide some identification details like your National Insurance (NI) number when you complete this process.
  • Email the Barclays Team and we’ll send you a new user ID and password. (Make sure you include your full name, date of birth, NI number and home address, as held on our record, as we need this before we can provide your new details.)

3. Need a quote?

to use the ‘Run a quote’ tool, which can provide:

  • Instant quotes if you’re considering transferring your benefits out of the UKRF (available to most deferred members)
  • The value of your benefits if you were to retire or a statement showing the current value of your deferred pension (available to most active and deferred members), and
  • A quote of what your spouse may receive on your death (available to pensioner members).

An online quote gives you quick access to all the information you would have received if you’d called the Barclays Team.

4. Planning to retire?

It could take up to six months from starting to consider your options to receiving your first pension payment, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time. If you’re close to retiring and in a defined benefit (DB) section like the 1964 Scheme, you can use the ‘My Retirement Timeline’ to give you an idea of what happens next and when. It can also help you work out what you’d need to do if you want to take your pension on a set date.

5. Tell us your wishes

The UKRF provides valuable benefits if you die. and under the ‘My Details’ tab (Expression of Wish option) tell us who you’d like to receive these benefits. It only takes a few minutes and can help make sure those you wish to provide for are paid as quickly as possible.

Where are we up to?

We all like to track the progress of our queries, which is why you can find the current status of any outstanding issues in the ‘My Cases’ section of your pension account. A quick check here can save you a call or email to the Barclays Team. It also gives you peace of mind that your issue is being dealt with.

Find out more

for a summary of your UKRF pension benefits. You can also look around this website for lots of general UKRF information, including the latest news, the most recent Annual Report and Accounts and Trustee Board details.

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