If you’re currently receiving a pension from one of these sections of the UKRF, it will increase in October:

1964 Pension Scheme


1951 Plan

AP89 Pension Scheme

Barclays Capital Scheme


Under the UKRF rules, your pension increases each year in line with inflation, up to 5%. When working out your increase, we measure inflation on the Retail Prices Index (RPI) over the 12 months to June. This was 10.7%, which means that this year the 5% pension increase limit will apply.

If you’ve been receiving your pension for less than a year, it will receive part of this 5% increase in line with how long it’s been payable.

Look out for an email, postcard or letter in early October for more details – and you’ll also be able to view your increase information on your .

You can see how pensions increase in all sections of the UKRF in Increasing your pension in payment.

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