We are sorry to hear of your loss.

The simplest way to notify us of a bereavement is via our online notification service. This page sets out the next steps and provides useful information to support you.

You can notify us by clicking the Step 1 box above. This will open a form for you to complete. If you do not know some of the information being requested, please leave the box blank.

Click the Step 2 box for a useful checklist for the documents that you may need to share with the Bereavement Support Service.

Click the FAQs box for Frequently Asked Questions and the Support and Guidance box for information on bereavement so come back to these pages at any time for further information. Alternatively, you can email, or write to the Bereavement Support Service at WTW. When you contact us please provide the full name of the person who has passed away, the name of the pension scheme they belonged to, their address including the postcode and either their date of birth or National Insurance number / PPS number: