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You can access your personal pension account here.

Ask away

If you have a question about your Royal London Group Pension Scheme pension, contact the Scheme's administrators on:

It's in the post

We often send you important information about your benefits, so make sure we have your up-to-date contact details (particularly your email address). Log in to check and/or provide these details. (You can also check your mailing preferences and tell us if you'd prefer to receive certain information electronically.)

Pick of the bunch

We look at all aspects of an investment, including environmental, social and governance factors before making decisions that affect your Royal London Group pension. To ensure a consistent investment approach, the Trustee is governed by its Statement of Investment Principles (SIP). Read our Implementation Statement here too.

Have you heard?

You’ll find our latest Scheme financials, Newsletter, the Scheme’s Privacy Notice, Pensioner FAQs, Retirement FAQs and Transfer FAQs here.