Additional Information

Scanned copies of your documents

We can accept documents scanned and sent to us by email.

You will need to complete any forms manually, with an original signature, then scan and attach the relevant documents to an email. Further guidance on creating scans is available below.

Where you are returning forms or providing proof of address, the documents must:

  • be dated within three months of our receipt, and
  • clearly show your details, and
  • clearly show the details of any organisations to which they relate.

If you are providing scanned copies of certificates, please ensure that the writing is clear and easy to read and that the full certificate is visible in the scan.

Please send the documents to the Bereavement Support Service.

You will receive an automated email response to confirm that we have received your email. If you do not receive an automated email response, please send an email to the Bereavement Support Service to confirm whether we have received your email.

If possible, for additional security please password protect any documents you send to us.

If you are able to password protect your files, please do not confirm the password via email. Instead, we would suggest using the deceased person's National Insurance number or payroll number as the password, as this will enable us to open your file.

How to create a digital copy of a document using a smartphone or digital camera:

  1. Place the document you want to scan on a flat surface, like a desk or table. Try to ensure the document is brightly lit, as shadows or dim lighting may affect the readability of the document.
  2. If using a smartphone, open the camera app. If using a digital camera or other recording device, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to take a photo.
  3. Hold or place the device directly above the document, ensuring that the document nearly fills the screen. Try to show the whole document while reducing the amount of surrounding surface shown on the screen. Then, use the camera to take a photo.
  4. The document will be saved as an image on your device. If using a smartphone, look in the ‘photos’ or ‘gallery’ app to locate the image.
  5. You can then email the image as an attachment directly from a smartphone or by uploading it to your computer.

Sending the file directly from your smartphone:

If your smartphone is set up to allow you to send and receive emails directly from your device, you can email the document to us directly from your phone.

  1. Using your usual email app, create a new email to the pension scheme’s email address, and choose the option to add an attachment.
    Note: this option may appear as an icon shaped like a paperclip, or it may look like a plus sign.
  2. You may be given a choice of where to find a file to attach. If so, you should choose to look in the photo library on your device, or on the files on your smartphone.
  3. You should see images of the items in your photo library. Select the image of your scanned document and confirm your selection, if required.
  4. You will be returned to your draft email, where you may be able to view the attached file. Draft your email as normal and send to the scheme when you are ready.

Sending the file from your computer:

To send the file from your computer, you will first need to transfer the image from your device to your computer. The methods of transferring files from a device onto a computer differ depending on the manufacturer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to correctly transfer the image.

Alternatively, if you have a document scanner connected to your computer, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to create and save a copy of the document.

Once the image is saved to your computer, you will need to email the document to the support team at WTW using your normal email account.