Plan information

Plan Handbook

For a reminder of how the Plan works and full details of your retirement options, read the Plan Handbook.

New Joiner Guide

If you are a new member of the Bank of America UK Retirement Plan, read the New Joiner guide to get the most out of the Plan.

Intern Handbook (opens in new window)

If you are an Intern, read this Plan Handbook for details of how the Plan works.

Plan Top 10

Take control – here are 10 things you need to know and do in the Plan.



Fill out a Transfer-in form if you wish to transfer in savings from a previous employer or personal pension scheme.


Complete this form if you wish to opt out of the Plan.

Tools and services

Budget Planner

Use this planner on the MoneyHelper website to help you see how much you may need in retirement by looking at your current budget.

Retirement case studies

Read case studies about typical members' choices, and the reasons they made them.

State Pension Age (opens in new window)

Know what your State Pension Age will be.

State Pension forecast (opens in new window)

Find out how much State Pension you could get, when you can get it and how to increase it, if you can.

Pension Tracing Service (opens in new window)

Trace any pensions you have lost contact with.

Pension scams (opens in new window)

Be alert to how pension scams work, how to avoid them and what to do if you suspect a scam.

Pension Wise (opens in new window)

Access the Government’s pension guidance service, available from MoneyHelper.

MoneyHelper (opens in new window)

Find out more about general financial planning and how to find a financial adviser.

Statutory information

Chair’s statement

Read about the Plan’s investment principles, default fund, cost and charges.

Schedule of Contributions

See how much money is being paid into the Plan, together with the Plan Actuary's certificate which confirms that the Schedule meets current requirements.

Statement of Funding Principles

Learn about how the Trustee invests Plan funds, including the assets of the Plan.

Statement of Investment Principles

Find out more about the investment objectives of the Plans and the strategy set to meet them.

Report & Accounts

Find out about the Plan’s finances over the year end 31 December 2021.

Formal Actuarial Valuation

Update yourself on the latest funding position of the Plan.

Annual Actuarial Report

Find out about the results of the latest annual funding review.

Funding Update (opens in new window)

Read about the funding position of the Plan's Defined Benefit Section.

Privacy Notices

Understand how the Trustee holds and processes personal data about Plan members and beneficiaries in compliance with relevant data protection legislation.

Implementation statement

Find out how the Statement of Investment Principles have been followed this year.