Retirement quote

Choose the date at which you’d like to retire, select your preferred cash lump sum amount, if applicable, and get a retirement quote to download as a PDF.

Transfer quote

Get a transfer quote and download it as a PDF. You will also need to get a transfer quote before you can use the partial transfer modeller (see below).

Partial transfer modeller

Find out the effect that transferring only some of your benefits will have on the annual pension amount you could receive when you retire. You will need to get a transfer quote first and choose this option for this quote in My Quote History. Please note, if you live in the Isle of Man, partial transfers are not available.

Retirement timeline

Understand how long retiring or transferring could take, and what to do by when, based on whether you’re still working for the bank, how you’d like to take your benefits and whether you have APeCs.

Other kinds of quotes

Get other kinds of quotes, like a death benefit quote, and download them as a PDF.

Trust Deed and Rules, Schedules and Schedule Factsheets

All references to “RBSelect” contained in the following Schedules should be read as “NatWest Group Benefits”.

Not sure which Schedule applies to your benefits? Log in to your pension record and go to Useful Documents > Fund Information for your relevant benefits schedule.

Schedule 01A – AA Section (former Active Members of the RBS AA Pension Scheme immediately prior to 31 March 2012)

Schedule 01C – AA Section (former Deferred and Pensioner Members of RBS AA Pension Scheme at 30 March 2012)

Schedule 05 – Royal Bank Members

Schedule 06 – Former Members of Coutts Staff Pension Scheme

Schedule 07 – Former Members of Lombard Pension & Life Assurance Scheme

Schedule 09 – Former Members of Gartmore Pension Fund

Schedule 10 – Former Deferred Members of Centre-File Group of Companies Pension Scheme at 1 April 1997

Schedule 11 – William Deacon’s Members

Schedule 12 – National Bank Annuitants and National Bank Members

Schedule 13 – Glyn’s Members

Schedule 14 – Charterhouse Members

Schedule 15 – Former Active Members of Adam & Co Retirement Benefits Plan immediately prior to 31 December 2007

Schedule 16 – Fielding Newson-Smith Staff Pension Scheme

Schedule 18 – Retiring Age 65 Schedule

Schedule 19 – Benefits on Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Schedule 20 – Life Assurance Benefits

Schedule 21 – Flexible Retirement